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Well now, how do you follow up a great event like Dramfest Obscura? You go out on the town for a beautiful meal and some very tasty whisky!! Accompanying me on this phase II of Dramfest Obscura evening was my thirsty friend Donna. Ian went AWOL, no doubt somewhere near 'Matterhorn' or 'Mighty Mighty' and was not seen again that evening.

We first visited 'Sweet Mothers Kitchen' which is one of my favourite restaurants in Wellington. We tried hush puppies and Gumbo accompanied by a glass of tasty 'Elijah Craig' 12yo Bourbon. I'm not usually a Bourbon fan as it's all sweet lolly water but this was a lot more refined and has a very earthy (not peaty) flavour that makes it very drinkable!

Anyway, on our travels around downtown Wellington we visited a few fine establishments that I will review in later posts, including 'Hooch' which looked closed because the sign was definitely switched off!!, Hawthorne lounge, Alice and my personal favourite establishment, MOTEL.

Now, 'Motel' has a great selection of single malts as you can see above, including Ardbeg 'airaigh nam beist' and the salubrious Port Charlotte 6. But every once in a while they get in something quite special and they put it in their shiny display case behind the bar. On this occasion it was a bottle of Bruichladdich X4, which is quadruple distilled raw spirit! Called Usquebaugh-baul, pronounced 'oosh-ker-vah-voll' translates from the Gaelic as 'perilous whisky'. It comes out of the still at 90% and is diluted down to 50% ABV for consumption. It is almost sweet to the taste and I did not detect much peatiness. Not like any raw spirit I have tasted! Also interestingly, it comes in the same bottle as Octomore except it lacks the jet black covering.

So get down to MOTEL and try some before Donna drinks it all!

Go now!

WAIT.... this just in!!!

SR4 race car from Radical Sports Cars Runs on Bruichladdich X4!!

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