Tasty Japanese Whisky - Nikka 12yo

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Earlier I mentioned a rather interesting evening out on the town with my mate Ian and the tasty Old Malt Cask Bowmore we tried at Matterhorn. Well on that fateful evening we also wandered a little further up Cuba Street to a fine establishment called 'Good Luck'. It's a basement bar with a excellent atmosphere and a reasonable selection of whiskies including this fine drop.

It as Nikka Yoichi 12yo, single malt from Japan. Yoichi is one of Nikka's two distilleries situated 50km west of Sapporo city on Hokkaido.

Japanese whiskies like there Scottish counterparts come in many varities, both the filthy and the very tasty. This whisky is a very interesting drop. There are definite traces of peat which immediately endears it to me, but in my humble opinion it tastes more like a speyside whisky than anything. It has definite traces of sherry on the nose which are also somewhat evident when you taste it.  Fruity, Peaty, Fruity is the best way I can think to describe it. It's just a salubrious dram and an excellent alternative to your average scotch whisky. Can't wait to try the 15yo.

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