What in the WWF is it??

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Saw this out the window flying 10500m above the Gobi desert (Mongolia\China). I had to tweek the colors a little as it was a liitle bland at that height. Beats the hell out of me!! I just have to know. TELL ME!!

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  1. I'm quite surprised you don't know what this is. This just happens to be the largest whiskey distillery in Bayan-Ölgii Province. Makers of the fine Bayan-Ölgii brand whiskey since 1998. Apparently ‘Yak by-products’ are added to create a unique smoothness.

  2. my research has told me what it is.... and there are 9-13 of them in Mongolia.....

    you'll have to wait until you get back before I tell you.

  3. Mongolia best country in world! Here you can marry Yak! When Yak get old you can eat then make nice coat. Scotland fuck! Ireland fuck! All rest of world fuck! My Yak named Susan.

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