Best of the Best 2009

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Well, November 2009 saw the yearly Best of the Best whisky tasting at Regional Wines & Spirits.
And it was bloody brilliant!

What:            Best of the Best 2009
When:           18 November 2009
Where:          Firth hall, Wellington College, Wellington, NZ
Why:              To taste the years best whiskies from Regionals 2009 tastings
Who:             108 crazed whisky fans plus these two fine individuals

So there we were after 9 months of intensive whisky tastings with the finest malts of 2009 staring us in the face. With us, 108 thirsty souls shoehorned into Firth Hall on the Wellington college campus, which is just over the road from my happy place (Regional wines and spirits).

And I am here to tell you it was a salubrious event crammed full of Bagpipes, Haggis, dodgy kilts and (of course) a wonderful array of Single Malt Scotch Whisky! some Glenmorangie :-(

The whiskies were as follows:

Malt: Ardbeg Still Young 56.2%                                                   
Score: 8.96

Malt: Bruichladdich PC7  61.0%                                                                             
Score: 8.81

Malt: Glengrant 22 y.o. 62.1%  Bottled by Adelphi Cask# 10184,                                      
Score: 8.65

Malt: Glenfarclas 105 10 y.o. 60.0%                                        
Score: 8.40
Malt: Glenmorangie ‘Astar’ 57.1%                                                                         
Score: 8.27
Malt: Bowmore ‘Old Malt Cask’ 15 y.o. 50.0%      (Mystery)                      
Score: 8.20
Malt: Glengarioch 17 y.o. 55.8% Adelphi Cask#2689                                        
Score: 7.97

Dang, what a wide range of whiskies, something for all tastes!

Best Dram of the evening: Had to be the Ardbeg. I love the young cask strength Islays!

Worst Dram of the evening: Bowmore OMC. Surprising for an Islay. Tasted like dishwater!

But as if that wasn't good enough, both Donna and myself picked 7 out of 7!  Yay, first time for me and.......well....second time for Donna! Fairly sure I'm not gonna hear the end of that any time soon but what are you gonna do.

Roll on the first tasting of 2010 ...........Kilchoman and Port Charlotte.....T minus 34 days and counting!!

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